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When it comes to your oil change you have plenty of options...a Standard oil change with Synthetic Blend, or with an additive like Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer OR a Premium oil change using full Synthetic oil.

Here's what you get with an Automotive Solutions oil change:

  • Up to 5 quarts of Synthetic Blend or Full Synthetic Motor Oil
  • *Additional charges if more than 5 quarts of oil is required
  • Oil change prices vary upon vehicle specifications
  • Oil Filter change - *certain vehicles may have a special cartridge type filter and may be up-charged...ask for details
  • Grease where applicable
  • Top off fluids - coolant, power steering, windshield wiper fluid
  • Inspect brakes
  • Inspect entire engine compartment and underside of car for leaks or any other issues
  • Inspect tires and fill to proper air pressure
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